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The Neurotherapy Clinic Victoria

Yarra Ranges Counselling

Bundle – Complete set of leads (4 leads) – 48″



2 x Pure silver EEG Flat Electrode (48″)

2 x Solid silver Ear Clip Sensors (48″)

(4 complete leads as a set)

Flat sensors: are 10mm flat disk style electrode terminated with a 1.5mm (.060) DIN safety plug with lead wires approximately 122cm (48”) in length.  These utilize a cord stress relief grip which covers the connection from the Silver flat sensor paddle to the conduction wire. This moulded piece keeps internal wire movement to a minimum, as well as sealing out moisture and limiting corrosion.

Ear Clip sensors use cast pure silver (99.9%), polished 10mm electrodes and a 1.5mm (.059) DIN safety plug.

All cables are strong and incorporate an added ballistic wire for strength; resulting in a tensile strength greater than 10kg. (Over 22lbs of pressure before breaking)

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