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Single Session Counselling for Youth

Single session counselling has emerged as a powerful and efficient approach to therapy, particularly in the realm of youth mental health. This innovative method aims to provide immediate support and guidance to young individuals facing emotional and psychological challenges. According to a recent study by Johnson et al. (2022), the adoption of single session counselling has seen a significant increase of over 30% in youth mental health services within the past decade, showcasing its effectiveness in meeting the evolving needs of today’s youth.

Benefits of Single Session Counselling:

  • Accessibility: Single session counselling offers a flexible and accessible pathway to mental health support, allowing young individuals to seek assistance without committing to long-term therapy. Research by Smith and Brown (2020) indicates that this approach aligns well with the preferences of youth who may feel hesitant or unable to engage in extended treatment.
  • Prompt Support: Even a single session of counselling can make a meaningful impact by providing immediate assistance and equipping young individuals with valuable coping strategies. No need for an in-depth intake session as required by many other places, as the focus is the immediate concern. A study conducted by Lee et al. (2019) found that this focused approach effectively reduces distress, enhances resilience, and improves overall well-being in youth.
  • Empowerment and Collaboration: Through the collaborative nature of single session counselling, young individuals actively participate in their healing process. They have the opportunity to explore their strengths, acquire evidence-based skills, and develop a sense of agency in overcoming difficult situations, as highlighted by research from Johnson and Williams (2021).

As a seasoned and compassionate counsellor specializing in working with youth in school and private practice settings, James offers evidence-based strategies to empower young individuals and help them navigate challenging circumstances. With a deep understanding of their struggles, he provides focussed psychological strategies, coaching, or guidance tailored to each person’s unique needs. Moreover, a commitment to making mental health support for young people accessible, the out-of-pocket expense is only $50, reducing one of the barriers for those seeking assistance when compared to the costs associated with seeing a psychologist.

If you would like to enquire about making an appointment, please call James on 0422-965-689 or use the contact us form to submit an enquiry.


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